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Fruit and Cheese Platter

Snack Information

Snack Suggestions

Children bring their own snacks from home, and once per week, classrooms have group snack. Each family will be responsible for bringing a snack for their child’s class once or twice per school year and teachers will send out this schedule. 


Child care licensing requires that fruits and vegetables must be cut up at the school or be purchased at a commercial facility. Baked goods must be prepackaged or purchased at a commercial facility or baked at the school. Boxes of food, cartons of milk, etc. must be brought to the school unopened. The classrooms are meat and peanut-free environments. Please do not send any snack to the school that contains peanuts or peanut butter.


Please bring your snack the day before your child’s snack day. If you forget to bring snack on your day, please bring a snack that can be easily stored at school to be used on the next occasion when a snack is forgotten. Easily stored snacks include fruit canned in 100% juice, crackers, dried or frozen fruit, cereal, Fig Newtons, cheese sticks and Gogurt. Thank you.

How much is enough for snack?


Whole Fruit: 8 bananas or 8 oranges or 8 apples or 26 satsumas, tangerines or cuties or two pounds of strawberries or one melon/cantaloupe

Frozen or canned fruit: 12-16 ounces

Raisins: 1 small box per child or 12-16 ounce container of dried fruit


● Whole Vegetables: 4 peppers or 2 cucumbers or 1 pound bag of baby carrots or 2 zucchini or one celery heart or 1 large bag of snap peas or choose a combo


Croissants: 9 (one-third per child)

Mini croissants: 13 (one half per child)

Bread: 1 loaf

Cereal: one family-sized box and a gallon of milk (please choose low sugar cereal such as Chex, Cheerios or Kix)

Popcorn: 1 small box of plain popcorn

Nutri-grain bars: 1 pound or 13 bars (one half per child)

Tortillas: 13 (one half per child)

Rice: 8 ounces rice + 8 ounces of frozen vegetable

Crackers: 1 pound of crackers/ graham crackers


Yogurt: 2 large containers of fruit, vanilla or plain yogurt

Cheese sticks: 13 sticks (half a stick per child)

Cream cheese: 8 ounce container

Hummus or other dips: 1 ten ounce container of hummus or 1 pint of ranch dressing

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