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We L  ve Montessori!

See What Our Families Have to Say:
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“We love Montessori so much. I was really worried about the huge transition of my then 2.5 year old from staying with me 24/7 to starting full-day at school. We are so thankful because the teachers in Oak room are so nurturing, patient and supportive. Not only did they help my daughter to get used to school, they also encourage her to step out of her comfort zone to learn and explore. When I asked her, “why you like [your teacher]?”,she said, “ Because she’s like mommy.” Almost every time when she goes to school, she has a smile.


We also love that the children get lots of opportunities to practice life skills, such as washing hands, pouring water from a pitcher and getting snacks by themselves. When we see her start doing these things at home, we can tell she gets lots of practices at school.


We are very grateful that we find Montessori. It’s been a wonderful year for our daughter.”


“My school makes me happy and I wish school was every day. I love learning about the planets and the moon. My favorite part of school is the work. I love all of the works! I like the magnet work best. I make a tall house with all of the magnets. I got to read Bob book number one and Bob book number two; I can’t wait to read more! The other day when I went to school there was new work! How amazing is that?!”

- Zoey (4yo)

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“For many reasons, we joined The Montessori School of Pullman, and for many more reasons, we stayed for six years.  When our daughter, Alivia, was two, we moved to Pullman, Washington – almost two thousand miles away from our family. As a neuroscientist studying learning and memory, I had inherent interest and rationale for wanting Alivia in an alternative learning environment, like Montessori. Specifically, I didn’t want her confined to a desk. I wanted her to learn through experience and discovery, and by teaching others."


"During our time at the school, it became evident that The Montessori School of Pullman had more to offer than academics. Miss Bev is the glue of the school and she is driven by her passion and genuine love for each and every child.  She and her staff are truly dedicated to integrative learning in an inclusive environment. Their holistic approach to education is multi-faceted in that children not only develop proficiency in STEM-driven academics, but also, explore different cultures (and frequently celebrate different traditions), develop healthy friendships, learn how to manage conflict, gain responsibility and respect for their environment, and are given opportunities at every age to be led by their peers and simultaneously lead others. The children are respected as individuals, praised for their unique strengths, and given autonomy over their learning that builds confidence."


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